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A base building game that doubles as a first person shooter

Genesis Alpha One allows you to create a base in space where humans have to live, work, fight and love. During your base building adventure, you will be invaded by strange alien beings that need to be removed with extreme prejudice. It is a survival game, a base building game and a shooting game all in one. The FPS feature favors new players, and the cloning feature is something that may interest long-term players.

The game revolves around base building

When playing Genesis Alpha One, you will spend most of your time building your base and maintaining it. The aim is to provide your human colony with all they need to survive. That is where the survival aspect comes into it because just a little mismanagement and poor planning will leave your colony without the basics it needs to survive. You will then start to discover that whole hosts of aliens have found their way onto your space station, from small parasitic aliens to larger and more aggressive monsters. The base building graphics are sophisticated without being overstated, and the first-person shooting graphics are gritty and dirty, a little like the earlier Aliens and Alien vs. Predator games from the late 00s.

A base builder with a mix of other games

Primarily, Genesis Alpha One is a game for people who enjoy base building games. The stakes are rather low with regards to it being a survival game because you have to mess up pretty badly and pretty consistently in order to wipe out your colony. The first-person shooting aspect is a very nice twist and it adds an extra dimension of fun into the game. It is a nice idea that has been reasonably well executed.


  • The mix of FPS base building and survival is unique in its own right
  • Alien infestations are just rare enough to avoid become annoying


  • Managing your colony can become a bit of a grind
  • The base building and FPS feels like two different games

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Genesis Alpha One for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 1
  • 3.3
  • (3)
  • Security Status

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